Coming soon…

I’m embarking on a series called “Women at Work.”

I’ll be conducting interviews with women or female-identifying folks about what it’s like to be a working woman in the 21st century. We’ll explore what it’s like to make a living in the 21st century, and you’ll hear from millennial trying to establish themselves, as well as a few women who are farther along the career path. We’ll talk passion, work-life balance, and fighting for a place at the table. I’ve got a really great line-up of people, on all sorts of different career paths. I’d also love to hear from you! If you have any thoughts or stories about your working life, feel free to share them in the comments or get in touch.

In addition to these interviews, I’ll be posting some of my own thoughts about working life. There have been a lot of news stories lately about the difficulties women face on the job, from misogyny, to wage inequality, to not being taken seriously. I’ll be writing about these as well, and am looking forward to your comments.

I think this is going to be a great series, but the first interview isn’t quite ready yet. Until it drops, please enjoy this picture of Walter the dog.IMG_0905

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